"This For Bae" Single Release

Bay Area R&B Group blends retro and current sounds for Valentine’s Day release

4-man Bay Area based R&B group, ANAK, is set to release their first single of 2015 entitled “This For Bae” appropriately on Valentine’s Day.  “This For Bae” was written by Ant Chedda of ANAK and produced by Lo Key Quintet (LKQ), a soulful collective of musicians from Fairfield, California.  The track features smooth rhythmic lead vocals along with warm intertwining vocal polyphonic interchange.  LKQ delivers the subtle soft tones of the Rhodes piano and perpetuating percussive accents that will have listeners with their heads nodding and while still preserving the serenading sentiment.  

Paying homage to the classic melodies of Marvin Gaye, Ready for the World and Ne-Yo while blending with some notable hits played on today's radio stations, the song is the culmination of love songs across four decades of Rhythm of Blues for the ultimate dedication to that very special someone.